Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor

Filing a Citizen Complaint

Under New Jersey State law, a private citizen can bring a case against another citizen claiming that the other person has violated some law. The person who starts the case is called the complaining witness or the complainant. The person being charged with the alleged offense is called the defendant.

A complaint can be filed at the Woodland Park Municipal Court and will be issued by a Court Administrator or Deputy Court Administrator. The complainant will be asked to fill out a form

that asks for the name and address of the person they wish to file the complaint against. If they do not know the name and address, a complaint cannot be done until such time as the information can be provided to the court staff.

Also, they will be asked to give the facts in support of the charge they feel has been violated. Please note the court staff cannot give advice on what charges or statutes have been violated.

The incident must have occurred in the Borough of Woodland Park, unless it is a domestic violence charge.

If the court staff finds probable cause, a complaint will be issued.

The court staff or Judge may suggest mediation in lieu of filing a citizen complaint. Mediation is a no-cost, confidential way to end disputes without going to court and without using a judge to decide the case.

Filing a Citizen Complaint Form (PDF)