Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor


12/4/2020 - Council repeals plastic bag ban in light of newly passed statewide law

The Mayor and Council voted Wednesday evening, Dec. 2, to repeal Ordinance 19-09, which would have prohibited retail establishments from providing single-use plastic carry-out bags.

The ban was set to begin this past April 1 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in November, Gov. Murphy signed into law a statewide wide-ranging ban on disposable plastic and styrofoam products, as well as paper bags.

“Rather than have redundant laws, we will just abide by the state law,” said Mayor Keith Kazmark. The statewide ban will take effect in 2022, to give stores time to use their inventory and search for alternatives.

New Jersey's law will ban plastic bags at almost all retail locations to get shoppers to bring their own reusable bags. Exemptions include bags used for uncooked meat/fish, produce, deli items, dry cleaning, prescription drugs, and newspaper bags.

The law also bans styrofoam food containers, such as plates, coffee cups, meat or vegetable trays, and egg cartons.