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1/30/2020 - PSE&G provides Gas Upgrade Project update

PSE&G has announced that, while the new gas mains have been installed, it still has smaller work zones in various locations to finish connecting the newly installed main into the PSE&G distribution system. These locations usually occur at intersections and all work zones will be coordinated with police and traffic control.

This work is part of the utility’s town-wide project to make gas delivery to local homes and businesses safer, cleaner and more efficient. While residents and businesses may experience temporary road closures, local police officers will be on site to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

In addition to gas main replacements, PSE&G crews are continuing service upgrade work, a process that, because of its proximity to homeowner’s property lines, requires less digging up of roads. This work is expected to take place on Mt. Pleasant Ave, Haverhill Ave, Ridgeview Dr, Borrego Dr. and Cedarhurst Ave. There will be a main retirement scheduled on Cedarhurst Ave. There will also be some related gas pressure work on Virbickas Dr. and Miller Ave.

The project, started in August, is part of PSE&G’s Gas System Modernization Program (GSMP) and includes the replacement of nearly nine-and-a-half miles of cast iron pipes with new, more durable, plastic pipes. Work is expected to continue through the spring of 2020 and is performed weather permitting.

Following the installation of new main, technicians schedule times with homeowners to connect their service to the new system, during which time customers can expect to lose service for about four hours. Gas meters will be relocated to the outside of the property, and technicians will re-light all appliances and ensure that they are working properly before leaving the premises.

Customers can contact PSE&G at 1-833-661-6200 or email gasworks@pseg.com.

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