Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor


6/10/2019 - Boys & Girls Club members to vote on merging Club with Borough

The WP Boys & Girls Club has called a special meeting for Wednesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. in the Club, 8 Memorial Drive. Trustees and members will be voting on merging with the Borough.

All members are encouraged to attend, as they are eligible to vote. Questions asked at this past Wednesday night's regular meeting, or submitted electronically, will be addressed and answered prior to the vote. 
Mayor Kazmark and the Council at the May 1 meeting presented a proposal to merge the Club under the Borough. To view the entire presentation, click here

A Recreation Director would be hired to manage programs, parks, open space and activities. A seven-member Recreation Board would be formed which would help set policy and guide staff. There would be an apportionment of current Board members appointed to the Board for transition purposes. Current commissioners would be offered to remain in their positions for two additional years should they wish.

Mayor Kazmark outlined the current challenges the Club faces including membership and participation, declining volunteerism, competition for fundraising dollars, and competing programs and activities.  Ongoing concerns include the ability to field teams based on the number of participants, lack of pre-set schedules, last minute scheduling, conflicts with events sponsored by the town and other organizations, and the need to recruit new people.

The Boys & Girls Club was established in 1952. A usage agreement was agreed to between the Borough and the Club in 1981. The Borough made a $70,000 payment to assume 50% ownership of the building. The purpose for doing so was to aid the Club and have a place to host the Senior Citizen Club.

The Borough and the Club have had a partnership over the years including supporting each other with activities and improving facilities. This includes building maintenance, insurance costs, weekend custodian costs, gym use, parking lot paving, and field improvements.