Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor


3/29/2019 - Council approves ordinance to ban unwanted delivery of newspapers and circulars

The Municipal Council, on March 20, approved an ordinance which will ban "unwanted" delivery of newspapers, circulars, and handbills.The ordinance, No. 19-05, will add a "handbills and circulars" chapter to the general code.

Mayor Keith Kazmark and the Council members designed the ordinance in light of ongoing complaints by residents about unwanted leaflets and newspapers being thrown on their property.

"This will considerably clean up our streets," Mayor Kazmark said. "These things have become litter. They are clogging storm drains, and they have caused damage to residents' snowblowers."

The ordinance covers all newspapers, shoppers, circulars, leaflets, flyers, handbills (commercial and non-commercial), and all similar materials.

The ban will be on printed matter which was not ordered, subscribed to or requested by the recipient.  "If you subscribe, your paper will be delivered," Mayor Kazmark noted.

The ordinance bans the throwing or distribution of any printed material in or upon any sidewalk, street, or other public place within the Borough or in or upon any unoccupied motor vehicle.