Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor


1/14/2022 - Woodland Park Education Foundation has launched

Under the leadership of Board of Education Vice President Dr. Joe Giammarella, the Woodland Park Education Foundation has been re-established after many years of dormancy.

The objectives and purposes of the Foundation are to solicit, raise, and disperse funds to expand and enhance children’s educational opportunities for all students in the Woodland Park School District.

The Foundation bylaws have been revised and reviewed by Board attorney Adam Weiss. At its first meeting, trustees will elect officers, an executive board, and standing committees.

For complete transparency, the Woodland Park Board of Education will not have a voting interest in Foundation business. School district administrators can make presentations to the Trustees but must leave before any action is taken.

The Foundation has 11 Trustees who have expressed a desire to serve and support the students of the Woodland Park School District. The trustees are as follows: Marie Estrella, Reem Eshra, LaTysha Gaines (Campus Operating Officer, Berkeley College), Mike Seeve, Caitlyn Giannino, Tony Espaillat, Kathy Burke, Dr. Mark Salemi, Sam Gencarelli, and Hadeel Rahhel.

Several members were sworn in at the Board of Education's reorganization meeting Jan. 3 by Mayor Kazmark, with the remainder to follow shortly.

Future plans include a website and fundraising activities.