Woodland Park, NJ

Borough of Woodland Park

Tracy Kallert, Mayor


8/27/2021 - Borough Council approves capital improvement ordinances

Two capital improvement ordinances were approved at the Aug. 18 Council Meeting. The ordinances cover two years worth of capital investments, according to Mayor Keith Kazmark, as there was a spending freeze in place all of last year due to COVID-19.

The following improvements are included: 
Resurfacing of various streets including Bergen Blvd. and parts of Rockland Ave. and Mt. Pleasant Ave. ($334,000)
Replacement of sidewalks on West 36th Street ($98,000)
Acquisition of a new pumper fire truck ($750,000)
Acquisition of new additional or replacement Fire Department turnout gear ($80,000)
Acquisition of new information technology equipment, including, but not limited to, computer equipment for the use of various Borough departments, offices and agencies ($40,000)
Acquisition of new communication and signal systems equipment consisting of a 9-1-1 recording system for the use of the Police Department ($22,000)
Acquisition of new automotive vehicles, including an SUV for the use of Administration, an SUV for the use of Code Enforcement, a mason dump truck for the use of the Department of Public Works and SUVs for the use of the Police Department ($226,000)