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Animal Control

The Borough has contracted with the TOWNSHIP OF WAYNE for animal control services, 24/7.

Wayne Animal Control Services
475 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

Will Wayne Animal Control deal with pests, such as racoons, squirrels, mice, etc.

NO.  Wayne Animal Control will not remove pests in your attic, garage, crawl space, etc.  Pests should be dealt with by an exterminator, at the property owner's expense.  However, if a wild animal has entered the home, or if a wild animal on the property is suspected to be rabid, Wayne Animal Control (973-694-9295) or the Woodland Park Police (973-345-8111) should be contacted immediately.  If it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Will Wayne Animal Control respond to a call about my pet?

An animal control officer will pick up a pet that needs to be put up for adoption at the Wayne Animal Shelter.  However, no pet will be picked up for the purpose of having it euthanized.  And, animal control will not remove a pet that has died at home, though assistance with transporting a deceased pet to a veterenarian is available, if needed.

(The Wayne Animal Shelter does not euthanize any pets or strays brought to its shelter, unless it is medically necessary or required by law.  The Shelter is located at 201 Pompton Plains Crossroads in Wayne.  Call 973-694-0767 for more information.)

Who do I call regarding a liveinjured animal?

•  Small animal (birds, squirrels, ducks, etc.) – call animal control at 973-694-9295.

•  Large animal, like an injured deer —
   ..... on private or municipal property – call WPPD at 973-345-8111.
   ..... in Garret Mtn. Reservation or Rifle Camp Park – call P.C. Sherrif's Dept. at 973-389-5900.

Who do I call to have a dead animal removed from my property?

Whether it is a stray dog, a feral cat, a skunk, a raccoon or another wild animal, Wayne Animal Control suggests that you place the dead animal in a plastic garbage bag and put it out for the regular solid waste pick up.  If this is not possible, phone Wayne Animal Control, and they will remove the dead animal from your property.

Who do I call to have a deer carcass removed from my property?

Neither Wayne Animal Control nor the Borough of Woodland Park remove a deer carcass from private property.

To have a deer carcass taken away —
you can contact one of the following private services, or any other you would prefer:
     •  Space Farms, Sussex, NJ  |  973-875-5800
     •  Deer Carcass Removal Service (DCRS), Cream Ridge, NJ  |  800-509-1420
     •  N.J. Dead Animal Removal Services, Nutley, NJ  |  973-801-9007
Note that a fee will be charged by whichever private service you choose to employ.

Who do I call to report a dead animal, including deer, on municipal property or a municipal street?

Contact the Woodland Park DPW at 973-256-1264 or Woodland Park Administration at 973-345-8100 ext. 100.

Who do I call to have a dead animal, including deer, removed from a County or State roadway?

To have a dead animal or deer removed from Rifle Camp Rd., Lackawanna Ave., Squirrelwood Rd., McBride Ave., Browertown Rd. or Weasel Drift Rd., you need to first call the Passaic County Road Dept. at 973-881-4500.  If the dead animal is not removed promptly, contact the Woodland Park DPW at 973-256-1264 or Woodland Park Administration at 973-345-8100 ext. 100.

To have a deer carcass removed from US Route 46 or Interstate 80, you need to call the N.J. Dept. of Transportation at 800-768-4653 or submit the NJDOT's online maintenance report form.  (Note that virtually all of US Rt46 from the Clifton border to the Totowa border lies in the Township of Little Falls and that only a short section of I-80 crosses through Woodland Park from the Totowa border to the Paterson border.)

How long does it take for a dead animal in the street to be removed?

Typically the animal is picked up within 24 hours after the Borough's animal control service is contacted.  A response from the County or State may take longer.