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Mayor & Council

The Borough of Woodland Park was chartered by the State of New Jersey to function under a variation of the  Faulkner Act, Small Municipality Plan of the Optional Municipal Charter Law form of government.

Mayor & Council on January 4, 2020

The Mayor and six Council members serve staggered terms. A partisan municipal election is held every year in November. One year the voters choose a new mayor. The next year three council members must be chosen. Then in the third year the other three council members are elected. A government reorganization takes place at the first meeting in January of every year, at which time a mayor-elect or newly elected council members are sworn in.

Currently serving a three-year term, the Mayor of Woodland Park exercises executive power and appoints department heads with Council approval.

The Council may adopt the municipal budget proposed by the Mayor, but revisions may be required by a majority of the governing body before final approval.

Public meetings of the Mayor and Council are held on Wednesday evenings in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Building. The Municipal Clerk and Borough Attorney must be present at “regular” meetings. A portion of each meeting is opened up to the public for comments or questions directed to the governing body. In prior years, the Mayor and Council conducted one “conference” meeting and one “regular” meeting per month. Effective January 2006, all are regular Council Meetings

Council Meetings in the Council Chambers start at 7:00 pm and can be watched Live on Optimum Channel 77 and Verizon FiOS Channel 24.  Meetings are also Live Streamed and available on Facebook.

The Agenda for an upcoming Council Meeting is usually posted a few days before the meeting. Every effort is made to post a completed agenda on this website, but last minute additions or revisions can be made up until the day of the meeting. Therefore, copies of the meeting agenda placed on the dais for the Mayor and Council, as well as in the council chambers for the public, are the official version being used during the meeting.

2022 Council Meeting dates:

JANUARY » 5* » 19 JULY » 20  
FEBRUARY » 2 » 16 AUGUST » 17  
MARCH » 2 » 16 SEPTEMBER » 7 » 21  
APRIL » 6 » 20*** OCTOBER » 5 » 19  
MAY » 4 » 18** NOVEMBER » 2 » 23†  
JUNE » 1 » 15 DECEMBER » 7 » 21  
2023 Council Meeting dates:            
JANUARY » 4*   18            

*  Re-organization meeting        **  "Youth Month" meeting       
***  Meeting to be held at Four Seasons at Great Notch clubhouse        †  Meeting begins at 5 pm. 

Meetings to be held virtually or in-person, depending on conditions.  Check online calendar.

Council Members serve on three committees, and each one chairs one of the six committees. With an occasional exception, committees meet on the Monday nights during the month. The meetings are conducted in several locations in the Municipal Building. The public is welcome to observe committee meetings but cannot participate.

The committees discuss matters that are brought before the full governing body at a Council Meeting for further discussion and action.

For dates of Council Committee Meetings, go to the Borough website Calendar.

Council Committee meeting locations:

  Administration & Finance Virtual due to COVID 2nd Mondays 6 pm
  Health & Senior Services Virtual due to COVID 3rd Mondays (quarterly) 6:15 pm
  Laws & Ordinances Virtual due to COVID 2nd Tuesdays 9:30 am
  Public Safety Virtual due to COVID last Mondays 6:30 pm
  Public Works Virtual due to COVID 1st Mondays 6 pm
  Recreation & Community Relations Virtual due to COVID 2nd Mondays 7:00 pm

For Council Committee Members, go to the Governing Body webpage.