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For Reports

Incident: 75¢ / pg.
Action: $5 / rep.
Fees For
Dog Licenses

$11.20 / $14.20
Check or Cash
(rabies vaccination certificate & proof of residence required)

Contact Number
973-345-8122 or
973-345-8100 x122
Sheriff’s Dept.
Passaic County Sheriff
Richard Berdnik
Office: 973-389-5919
Administrative Offices
Center (24-hour)
Tips Hotline
888-958 (8477)
Councilman Joseph Spinelli, Chairman, Public Safety Committee
  Police Department  
  Anthony Galietti, Police Chief Woodland Park Police vehicles  
       The Table of Organization, as per Ordinance 14-13,
for the Woodland Park Police is as follows:
     1)  Police Chief;   2)  Two Captains;
     3)  Three Lieutenants;   4)  Six Sergeants;
     5)  Fourteen Patrol Officers;
       6)  Probationary Officers, Special Police, Police Matrons, Marshalls, Traffic
     6)  Officers, School Traffic Officers, Radio Communications Officers, and
          other personnel as the Council authorizes.
       By Borough ordinance, the Police Department is
directed to preserve the public peace, protect life and
property, prevent crime, detect and arrest offenders
against the penal laws and ordinances effective within
Non-emergency Calls:
973 - 345 - 8111
Emergency Calls: 9-1-1
  the Borough, suppress riots, mobs and insurrections, disperse unlawful or dangerous assemblages, and preserve order at all elections, public meetings and other assemblages.
DVRT – Domestic
Violence Response Team
        The Police should administer and enforce laws and ordinances to regulate, direct, control and restrict the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. And, the Police are to remove all nuisances in the streets, parks,
and other public places; inspect and observe all amuse-
Call: 973 - 345 - 8115
  ment areas and all places of business requiring any state or municipal license or permit.
    In addition, the Police must respond to all fire alarms and assist the Fire Department in the protection of life and property by regulating traffic, maintaining order and enforcing the Fire Prevention Code.
  Appointment:  All members are appointed by the Mayor.  
Applicants must ...
     1)  be a citizen of the United States for two years preceeding the appointment, a resident of New Jersey, Passaic County and the Borough of Woodland Park;
     2)  be at least eighteen and not more than thirty-five;
     3)  be able to read, write and speak English well and intelligently;
     4)  be of good moral character, and shall not have been convicted of a criminal offense;

     5)  successfully complete an approved police training course before appointment.
  On or about December 1, 2016 Officers from the Woodland Park Police Department will start wearing Body Worn Cameras (BWC). The BWC’s will Video & Audio record police interactions with the public. Any questions on the BWC program can be directed to D/Lt. John Uzzalino at 973-345-8115, or
  Civil Service:  All appointments and promotions to positions covered by Civil Service must be in accordance with the appropriate civil service statutes and rules and regulations.  
  WPPD, May 30, 2011  
Woodland Park Police Force By Rank
E. Tiernan

L. DeLuca
J. O’Brien
J. Uzzalino

T. Bolen
M. Brady
M. Koehler
E. Luker
C. Renne
D. Russo
Patrol Officers:
D. Aguilera
M. Boudaher
O. Carino
T. Condron
R. Di Zenzo
J. Domicolo
T. Hayek

R. Lepore
S. Morrison
A. Panicci
L. Rosario
D. Schaefer
L. Schaefer

Detective Bureau: D. Dugan and Lt. J. Uzzalino
  Identifying Dress:
•  White shirt uniform: Chief, Captain, Lieutenant (depending on assignment)
•  Blue shirt uniform: Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant (depending on assignment)
•  Matching dark blue shirt and pants: Dispatchers
•  Insignias: Chief, gold star; Captain, double gold bars; Lieutenant, single gold bar;       Sergeant, three stripes
Color Guard:    
Sgt. Tom Bolen Officer D. Aguilera Officer T. Condron
Sgt. Mike Koehler Officer M. Boudaher Officer L. Schaefer
Sgt. Erik Luker    
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