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   As we close out 2016 and begin 2017, I want to thank the employees and volunteers who make our great Borough run efficiently each and every day.   From the staff at the Municipal Building, to the Public Library, the DPW workers and our Police officers, we appreciate your dedication and the jobs you do in service to our residents.   To our volunteers with the Fire Department, First Aid Squad, Boys and Girls Club, school groups, scout packs, the American Legion and the many others, we value your time, the sacrifices you make to ensure our safety, and what you do to ensure that our community has all the activities, events and opportunities that make this town a great place to live and raise a family!
The Council and I are proud of the accomplishments we have seen in 2016.  We have worked as a team, debated various issues and made the best decisions for the Borough.

In the past year together, we have seen great improvements here in town:
  • Recreational improvements to Rose Place and Zaccaria Parks began over the summer.  This is a $1.1 million dollar investment that will be paid through the local Open Space Trust Fund.  This is the largest single park improvement effort in the history of the Borough, and we look forward to hosting various programs including our summer camp there this year.
  • Our 2016 Road Re-Surfacing Program was coupled with the PSE&G Energy Strong Program and resulted in a significant paving effort.  The Dowling Estates, parts of the First District and other areas were paved curb-to-curb.  Only two streets needed to be paved from the curb to the midway point in the roadway.  In addition, through a Federal CDBG grant, both Ray and Radcliffe Avenues were re-surfaced.
  • At the end of 2016, the Council authorized the purchase of the new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, also known as Scott Packs.   This will provide our Fire Department with current equipment as the packs in use are set to expire.  This Council has made the safety of our first responders a top priority.  Equipment like this along with Fire and Police vehicles will be funded prospectively in part through the new revenue from the recently installed billboard next to Route 80.
  • Along those same lines, our Police Department deployed the use of body cameras in order to both protect the public and our officers while on the job.  This new technology is a benefit and assists in real time recording events which are often open for interpretation during investigations.
  • From a flood mitigation standpoint, the Borough was quite proactive in conjunction with the Passaic Valley Regional Flood Board.
  • Our Community Rating System was re-certified, which aids our residents in lowering their flood insurance premiums.
  • Just today we have the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission cleaning along the shores of the Peckman River in both our town and Little Falls.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers re-instated the long term Peckman River mitigation project and the preliminary plan was presented to the Regional Flood Board just last month.
  • The Borough has now removed six homes which had severe repetitive losses during flood events.  One was on Radcliffe Avenue and five on Bergen Blvd.  These demolitions were all paid for through various State grant programs.
  • In response to five suicides in town last year, and various addiction-related police calls where Narcan needed to be administered, I appointed a Stigma-Free Task Force.  With the help of our Library Director, Linda Hoffman, who assisted in forming the group and taking the early lead, the group, under the leadership of Jaclyn Luker and Tracey Amato have been trained in Mental Health First Aid and are already planning an array of proactive events in 2017 to help raise awareness.
  • 2016 kicked off the #WPReads campaign at the Alfred H. Baumann Public Library.  The program was a tremendous success with 200 children enrolled in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program and half of those children approaching the 500 mark.  Usership is up and on January 9th the Library will continue their efforts with their Winter Program.  Please know that the #WPReads campaign will be ongoing beyond 2017.
  • From a development standpoint, the Borough has seen some new, smart development.  This includes the new over-55 building being built on Lower Notch Road, the expansion of the Woodland Park Range, the Popeye’s near Best Buy and the addition of AndThat! By Christmas Tree Shop and World Market at the former A&P site which is slated to open in July. 
  • In 2016, we lost our former Mayor John Ciborski.  John was a positive voice for our community both during his time as Mayor and through the past year.  His calm, yet frank and matter-of-fact advice is something that I know many mayors who sat in this chair before me, and including me, came to rely on.  God bless you John and thank you!

  •    2017 has many things in store for Woodland Park!  The following list is just a sample of what we will see in the coming year:
      – the grand opening of the newly-renovated Rose Place Park and Zaccaria Park will be celebrated.  The Recreation & Community Relations Committee will host a grand opening ceremony this spring.
      – the ground breaking of our McBride Avenue Streetscape project, which will be funded through a series of State and County grants totaling $530,000.
      – after many drafts and reviews, thanks to the efforts of Rita Pascrell, Gary Holloway, Kevin Galland, Kathryn Gregory, Richard Briglidoro, Felix Esposito and Arlene Kazmark, we are finally prepared to introduce our new zoning ordinances in conjunction with our Master Plan.
      – a newly-designed Borough website is in construction.  Tom Minnella and Council President Holloway are spearheading the project which should be completed by mid-year.  Mr. Minnella designed the current website in 2003, when it was state-of-the-art.  He has done a steller job maintaining content over the years, but it is time to develop a newer, more user-friendly site.
      – our video equipment which broadcasts our public meetings will be updated through a renewed cable franchise grant provided by Optimum.
      – additional improvements to Memorial Field which will include the addition of restrooms and snack stand upgrades, with funds from the local Open Space Trust Fund.
      – the start of the Elizabeth Lane, Old Orchard and Oak Ridge Road sanitary sewer and water line project.  Easements are still being negotiated; however, DEP permits have been applied for.  We understand the challenges in this neighborhood with regard to failing septics and with well water.
      – two new playgrounds for Charles Olbon School, one with specialized equipment for special needs children.  This project will also be funded through the local Open Space Trust Fund.
      – the re-design of the memorial trees and plaques at Memorial School which are dedicated to residents who were killed in action while serving in the military.
      – the installation of new street signs honoring those who served our Country in the military.
      – continued advocacy for sound barriers along Route 80, for full Verizon Fios installation in the Borough and to save our reservoirs along Rifle Camp Road.

    Finally, please know that the Borough Council and I look forward to working with all our residents to make 2017 another great year for Woodland Park.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for our town never hesitate to contact me!  And, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

       Please know that controlling property taxes has been and will continue to be the top priority of the Mayor and Council.  We have worked to stabilize taxes and keep the municipal increase to a minimum.
       The municipal increase is $59 on the average home (for the year).  This year’s budget continues to be in line with the legal requirements of maintaining a 2% cap on expenditures.  To the Council’s credit, prior to final adoption of the budget, they applied additional anticipated revenues to further reduce the burden on taxpayers.
       Passaic County, Passaic Valley High School and the Woodland Park Schools portions of the tax bill have increased a combined $179 on the average home this year.  Please know that the Mayor and Council have no control over the school or county budgets.
    The Mayor and Council are only responsible for 25% of the total taxes collected, while the county and school budgets make up the remaining 75% of your tax bill. 
       On a positive note, the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders has awarded the Borough a Passaic County Open Space grant in the amount of $250,000 to help with the improvements to Zaccaria Park’s field.  
       Since 2004, the Borough has been awarded over $2.7 million in open space grants from the Freeholders.  These dollars have allowed us to complete park, recreation and open space projects in town without using the general operating budget and has allowed us to stabilize municipal taxes.  A listing of Passaic County Open Space grant awards dating back to 2011 is listed on the reverse side of this letter.
       I wish you an enjoyable summer.  As always, if you have any questions, or if my office can be of any help to you or your family, please do not hesitate to contact me.

       As you probably know, our community has experienced four suicides in the past few months.
       While these occurrences are very unfortunate and devastating for the families these individuals leave behind, we must all recognize that mental illness is a serious issue in our current society.
       In the last 24 hours, much has been stated online and on social media about the location of the two most recent incidents.  The Woodland Park Range has developed into a very reputable business in our town, and they have worked hard to integrate into our community.  While I am not a gun owner, nor do I shoot for sport, I have been to the Range for meetings regarding public safety and events.  It is an extremely safe and secure environment with some of the most reputable staff and range officers anywhere in the country.  They are well trained to teach the sport of firearms and many are current or former law enforcement personnel.  The center also trains many law enforcement officers from the area, and their pending expansion will offer additional opportunities for more police agencies to experience an advanced level of training.
       If an individual chooses to take his or her life, it can be done anywhere.  One of the recent suicides was in Garret Mountain Reservation, and the other was in a private residence, directly across the street from my home.
       The larger issue here is mental illness and how we all, as a society, tackle this problem moving forward.  It is certainly a very sensitive subject, which in many cases is simply ignored or pushed aside, either of which only exacerbates the problem.
       Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of the families involved with these most sorrowful tragedies.  And in closing, may I submit that the best course of action for all of us is to support our friends and neighbors who suffer from this terrible disease and work toward societal change to eliminate the stigma and barriers which are in place and prevent proper treatment.
       Should you wish to discuss this matter or any other issue in the Borough, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    July 5, 2016
       I hope you enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
       Please be advised that our Camp Director, Jennifer Fucci, tendered her resignation due to personal circumstances at the end of last week.
       Fortunately, we have been able to retain the services of two outstanding certified educators who will assume the responsibilities of running the program beginning today, as Co-Directors.
       Mrs. Jaime Ricci, who previously served as our Summer Camp Director and has been a teacher in the Verona Public Schools for the past 16 years teaching both Kindergarten and 3rd Grade, will bring valuable knowledge of our program and expertise as a career educator.
       Ms. Wanda Kopic, was a Special Education teacher and an administrator in two neighboring shool districts, specializing in curriculum and instruction. Wanda has already re-organized and re-structured some aspects of the program which will be implemented today.
       Kate Kallert and Alex Domicolo will continue in their roles as Assistant Directors.
       While this situation is not ideal, I am completely confident in the abilities of our new leadership team at camp. I believe these combined talents will be a great addition to the program.
       Should you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to contact the Directors directly during the camp day.

      STATE OF THE BOROUGH, Jan. 20, 2016 —
       I would like to begin by congratulating Councilwoman Tina Gatti, Councilwoman Tracy Kallert and Councilman Vincent DeCesare on their re-elections and their new terms of office.  Many thanks to Councilwoman Kallert on concluding her year as Council President. And, I want to congratulate Council President Joseph Spinelli on his selection to lead the Council this year.
       Before I begin, I would be remiss if I did not recognize and thank all the municipal employees and our Department Heads.  They truly make the Borough operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.  From Kevin Galland and the municipal building employees, to Chief Galietti and the Police Department to George Galbraith and the DPW, we thank you for your efforts in helping to get things done in Woodland Park.
       I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all our town volunteers.  To all those appointed tonight to serve our community on our Boards and Committees, the Council and I appreciate you sacrificing your time and sharing your talents to help our Borough operate.  To our volunteer emergency services, both Fire and First Aid, we thank you for your unselfish service to our residents in ensuring their health and safety.  And finally, a thank you, as well, to all the volunteers who help run our local organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, the HSAs, our  Scouting programs, the American Legion, the Friends of the Library, and many other groups.
       Speaking of the Alfred H. Baumann Library, we are proud to announce the newly launched #WPReads campaign.  This effort is meant to bring attention to the importance of literacy in our community.  Let me provide some statistics:

      •  2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th Grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Over 70% of America’s inmates cannot read above a 4th Grade level.
    •  1 in 4 children in America grows up without learning how to read.
    •  Students who don't read proficiently by the 3rd Grade are 4 times likelier to drop out of school.
    •  Nearly 85% of the juveniles who face trial in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate, proving that there is a close relationship between illiteracy and crime. More than 60% of all inmates are functionally illiterate.
         As you can see, #WPReads program, which is meant to promote parents reading to their children and eventually having their children read to them, is very important.  I encourage everyone in Woodland Park to take part in utilizing the programs and opportunities our library provides in order to give the next generation the skills and love of learning which is promoted by reading.
       This spring, the Borough will break ground on the McBride Avenue Streetscape project, our Rose Place and Zaccaria Park Renovations, and, later in the year, the refurbishment of the Washington Drive water tank.
       We will also be forming a joint Council/Board of Education Committee to investigate restroom facility options at Memorial Field.  With all the use Memorial Field gets and the improvements we’ve seen over the past few years, it is now time to complete the renovations by adding restroom facilities.
       In March, the Council will be ready to introduce the revisions to our zoning ordinances, which will finally allow our zoning code to be current and in place to support the master plan. Next, our project will be to complete a review of the code book to ensure it meets today’s needs, and the Laws & Ordinance Committee will also review the need to address out-of-sequence house numbers which still exist in town.
       I’m pleased to report that we are only weeks away from the demolition of the five homes on Bergen Boulevard.  These homes, some of which have been abandoned since Hurricane Irene, are an eyesore in the neighborhood, and we look forward to their removal.
       In 2015, major improvements to the Recycling Center were completed.  This project has made recycling more convenient and the facility safer.
       Last year, our single largest increase in our budget was in health care to the tune of over $250,000.   Under the leadership of Councilwoman Kallert, the Special Committee on Health Benefits implemented additional, less costly plans for our employees to consider.  This would benefit them, as they would contribute less, and save the Borough money, as they would be taking less expensive plans.  This year, we will explore changing health benefit funds to determine if there is an advantage for the Borough and possibly a cost savings.
       Late last year, the Police Department began the installation of the new police desk which should be completed in February.  The Council and I are also considering the start of the accreditation process for the Police Department which will include a complete review of all Police Department policies, procedures, rules, regulations and operating protocols.  This process not only makes the department more efficient, but also has the potential to save on insurance costs and claims once the process is complete.
       Soon the New Jersey Department of Transportation will begin their Route 46/Route 3 project.  This work effort will certainly be disruptive as far as traffic congestion and highway access goes.  The project will include a roundabout at Rifle Camp Road and Lackawanna Avenue.  While the long term improvement is certainly needed, especially with the backups on Route 46 at Rifle Camp Road, we need to prepare ourselves for the inconveniences we will experience. 
       The NJ DOT is also planning improvements for Route 80 westbound from Hackensack to Woodland Park.  As part of this project, my office has lobbied for the inclusion of sound barriers in the areas which were never completed in the original project.  These barriers are needed on Brophy Lane, Vernon Court and Greenway Lane.   This is likely our last opportunity to have these barriers installed, so we will press very strongly to ensure they are included in this plan.
       With regard to the Passaic Valley Water Commission’s plan to drain reservoirs on Rifle Camp and Squirrelwood Roads, the Council and I will continue the fight against this plan which will significantly affect the beauty of Garret Mountain.  I’d like to thank the Passaic County Board of Realtors who have been most helpful in this effort.  Together, we will work to ensure that the public outcry against this costly and damaging project continues.
       The Mayor and Council remain committed to our road re-surfacing efforts in town.  In 2015, after some pressure, PSE&G fulfilled their commitment to re-surface District 1 prior to the winter season following their Energy Strong project.  Additionally, our local re-surfacing project was in the Highview Estates area, and it has now been completed.
       In 2016, we will fund the re-surfacing of Radcliff and Ray Avenues through a Community Development Block Grant provided by the County Freeholders.  PSE&G will complete re-surfacing of Dowling Estates’ roads.  And locally, we will pave Memorial Drive, Hughes Place, and Salomone Avenue.
       I want to again publically thank the Freeholders for awarding the single largest Open Space Grant, in the amount of $250,000, for the turf soccer field at Zaccaria Park.  The Borough will apply again this year for the second round of funding for this project.
       Flooding continues to be a priority.  While we have been fortunate not to experience a significant flood event in the last few years, we are committed to launching our Community Rating System (CRS) program this year.  At this point, we await State approval, and once approved, this program will allow for significant reductions in flood insurance premiums.
       Last year, in conjunction with the Borough of Totowa, we utilized a State grant to clean up the Passaic River.  This year we will work with the Passaic Valley Regional Flood Control Board and the Township of Little Falls to do the same, utilizing an NJDEP grant to clean the Peckman River.
       I have arranged a meeting along with the Mayors of Cedar Grove and Little Falls with Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen so that we may again address the importance of re-engaging he Army Corps. of Engineers to reinstate the Peckman River Flood Mitigation project.  That meeting is set for February.
       We’ve recently accepted RFPs for the redesign of our municipal website.  While our website is filled with very useful and important content, it is time for an upgrade in order to ensure having a user-friendly and convenient online presence.
       In 2016, we will also be taking our Mayor and Council meetings “on the road.”  In April, we will hold one of our meetings at the Four Seasons at Great Notch Clubhouse and in October at Fire Co #1 on West 35th Street.  Taking our meetings out into neighborhoods in the community is important and is another example of trying reach out to our residents.
       Each Monday evening, the Mayor’s Office is open from 6 to 8 pm.  I encourage residents to stop in to discuss any matter they may have concerns about.  Everyone is also invited to shares their ideas, thoughts or opinions on what is happening here in town.  I can always be contacted via e-mail at or by cellphone at 973-420-9962.  I look forward to hearing from you.
       Thank you for your service and have a Happy New Year!
       As you read this column, the kids are back in school and fall is starting to set in.
    The beginning of the academic year is always an exciting time, whether it’s having children, like mine, going back to school or, like many young parents, having children start school for the very first time.
       Our schools are a critical part of our community and are also responsible for managing over 50% of the total property taxes you pay.  Whether you have children the school systems or not, it is important that you remain aware of the state of our schools.  If you don’t know it already, we have two separate school districts in Woodland Park – our local K-8 District and Passaic Valley Regional High School, which serves 9th through 12th Grade students from Woodland Park, Little Falls and Totowa.
       Both are Type II School Districts and are governed by their respective Boards of Education, not by the Mayor and Council. The Council and I still maintain productive and cooperative relationships with the schools, but both are in important transition periods as described below.

       During the summer of 2014, Dr. Michele Pillari was hired as the Woodland Park Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Pillari has been a force for change in the school district and has assembled a team to lead our schools moving forward. Having come from the Haledon School District where she served as Principal of Haledon’s K-8 School, Dr. Pillari has significant experience with curriculum and certainly hit the ground running.

       With her first year under her belt, Michele has worked hard to build relationships in our community with parents, staff, our public library and, most importantly, her students. She also worked with the Board of Education and the School Business Administrator to craft a budget which saw a reduction in property taxes this year on the average home in the Borough.
       Dr. Pillari has a vision for the school district and, as Mayor, I am happy to support her and the Board of Education in any way possible to help that vision become a reality.

       In October of 2014, long time Superintendent of Schools (and PV alumni), Dr. Viktor Joganow retired. Tragically, just a few short weeks prior, our long time Business Administrator at PVHS, Mr. Paul Gerber unexpectedly passed away. This caused a large void at our high school. While interim staff has kept the school running, the PV Board of Education has now retained a full-time Superintendent of Schools: Dr. JoAnn Cardillo. Dr. Cardillo formally worked in the central office for the Paterson Public Schools, most recently serving as Executive Director of Principal Coaching and Evaluation. JoAnn previously served as Principal of School 7.

       While Dr. Cardillo is just beginning her tenure at Passaic Valley, I believe she will be a calming force in a school which has seen its share of turmoil of late. She, much like Dr. Pillari, has a vision for the future when it comes to her school. With an emphasis on improving curriculum, working with the sending districts to advance student opportunities and fully implementing the new Autism program – PV is on the move with a new educational leader!
       I would encourage residents that have any questions or concerns to contact the leadership in our schools. The Woodland Park District Office can be reached at 973-317-7700 and the number for PVHS is 973-890-2500.
      PRIORITY: Keep Tax Increase To Minimum —
       Please know that controlling property taxes has been and will continue to be the top priority of the Mayor and Council.  We have worked to stabilize taxes and keep the municipal increase to a minimum.

       The municipal increase is $33 on the average home (for the year) and is less than the increases in both our neighboring communities of Little Falls and Totowa.  To their credit, the Woodland Park Board of Education has adopted a budget which includes a tax reduction of -$54 on the average home.
       Unfortunately, the Passaic Valley High School and Passaic County portions of the tax bill have significantly increased.  The combined increase for PVHS and the County is over $260 on the average home.  Please know that the Mayor and Council have no control over the school or county budgets.
       The Mayor and Council are only responsible for 25% of the total taxes collected, while the school and county budgets make up the remaining 75% of your tax bill. 

       On a positive note, the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders has awarded the Borough a County Open Space grant in the amount of $93,000 to help with the renovations to Rose Place Park.  And, we are hopeful to be awarded additional funds later this year for field improvements at Frank Zaccaria Park.
       Since I took office in 2012, the Borough has been awarded nearly $3 million in grant funds.  These dollars allow us to complete projects in town without using the general operating budget and have allowed us to stabilize municipal taxes.
       I wish you an enjoyable summer.  As always, if you have any questions, or if my office can be of any help to you or your family, please do not hesitate to contact me.
       I am pleased to report that the Council and I have approved funding for the 2015 road re-surfacing program. 
       The road program for this year will include: Highview Drive, Brookview Drive, Grandview Drive, Valley Drive and Sunset Drive (from Highview to Brookview). Milling and paving is expected to begin in late summer or early fall.
       Please be advised that this work effort is locally funded. It will not include curb replacement. The Borough only makes curb (or sidewalk) improvements when the project is funded through a State or County grant.
       Should property owners wish to repair or replace existing curbs or widen an  existing driveway apron, which are not the Borough’s responsibility, they will need to make arrangements to do so prior to the start of the re-surfacing work.<
       Recently, re-surfacing projects were completed on Andrews Drive, Passaic Ave., Ryle Park Ave and Sunset Drive from Meriline Avenue to Highview Drive.
       The Council and my administration are committed to improving our roads throughout Woodland Park. I hope that these projects improve your local driving experience.
       As a result of proper financial planning, securing significant grant funding and the reduction of various line items, we have developed a budget this year with a manageable impact on our taxpayers. The municipal increase is $47 on the average home (for the year) and is less than the average increase in both our neighboring communities of Little Falls and Totowa.
       This budget comes on the heels of last year’s budget which delivered no municipal tax increase.
       Please know that the Mayor and Council are only responsible for 25% of the total taxes collected.  We have no control over the school or county budgets which make up the remaining 75% of your tax bill. 
       I would like to thank the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders for again awarding County Open Space grant funds to the Borough in the amount of $100,000 to complete Dowling Gardens, which now features the Centennial clock tower and will include pathway lighting to be installed this fall.  
       Since I took office in 2012, the Borough has been awarded over $2 million in grant funds.  These dollars allow us to complete projects in town without using the general operating budget and have allowed us to stabilize municipal taxes.
       I wish you an enjoyable summer.  And, as always if you have any questions, or if my office can be of any help to you or your family, please do not hesitate to contact me.


       I am very excited about the progress we are making in our town and the events related to the Centennial which continue through the rest of this year.

    Ambulance Service & EMS Response:
       As of July 1, the West Paterson First Aid Squad and the Borough of Woodland Park have begun two separate programs to ensure redundancy in ambulance response from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
       The WPFAS has entered into an agreement with Fuchs EMS & Medical Transportation to have a unit stationed at the First Aid Squad building for response during the day.  This Fuchs unit will be exclusively available for Woodland Park calls and will provide an immediate response.  As a backup to this unit, the Borough has entered into an agreement with the City of Paterson to provide redundancy should the Fuchs unit assigned to the WPFAS be out on a call.
       This should eliminate the long wait times our residents have experienced, in the past, during the day.  Please know that our outstanding crew of First Aid Squad volunteers will continue to provide service nightly from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.

    Public Spray Park Hours:
       The new spray park at Frank Zaccaria Park, on Rifle Camp Rd., will begin public hours on Tuesday, July 8th.  The spray park will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm and Saturdays from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, through Labor Day weekend.
       We encourage parents to bring their children down to the spray park to cool off this summer and enjoy this great new facility.  If demand dictates, the Recreation Department will increase public hours of operation.
       Click here for information about
    schedule & fees and rules & regulations.

    Summer “Concerts in the Park” Series:
       As part of our Centennial celebration, we have added a full season’s worth of Summer “Concerts in the Park”.  Concerts will be held at Dowling Gardens on McBride Ave. on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 8:30 pm (with the exception of the July 30th Children’s concert, which will start at 6:30 pm).

    The schedule for the summer concerts is as follows:
    July 9th - Sunset Soundz (Music from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, sponsored by the Woodland Park Business Association)
    July 16th - Sick Star Nation (Pop/rock/dance music)
    July 23rd - Joe Caroselli & Masterpiece (A “musical buffet” of legendary songs from the 1940s to today)
    July 30th - The Hums *special start time 6:30 pm*
    (Children’s concert “Movement & Music” for ages 6 months to 6 years, sponsored by the Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library)
    August 6th - Exit Row Band (Mixture of classic rock & blues, today’s hits on the radio, and their own material)
    August 13th - The Late Show (The Hoffman family band with a variety of music from the ‘50s through the ‘90s)
    August 20th - The Bucket List (Mix of ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s music)

    Municipal Alliance “Movies Under the Stars” Series:
       This year, the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse sponsored six films in their “Movies Under the Stars” series.  Each movie begins at dusk at Memorial Field on Thursday evenings.  The June 26th movie was “How to Train Your Dragon”.

    The remaining shows are listed below:
     July 10th - “Frozen”
    July 17th - “The Lego Movie”
    July 24th - “Space Jam”
    July 31st - “Annie”
    August 7th - “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
       The Alliance will also hold their “National Night Out, Against Crime & Drugs” on Tuesday, August 5th on Memorial Drive.  Please join us for this fun event!

    Baumann Library Summer Reading Program:
       The Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library is once again sponsoring their popular “Summer Reading Program”.  Please sign up your child today for this important opportunity at:
       Promoting literacy in the community is key to our children’s successful education.  Reading and learning should not only take place from September through June!  Please read to your youngsters and encourage them to read each night before bed time.  The benefits to them are endless!
       Enjoy your summer and please take advantage of the events and programs listed above.  Woodland Park has a lot to offer this summer!

       2014 brings with it the 100th Anniversary of our Borough! The Centennial Committee and the West Paterson Volunteer Fire Department have been working hard to organize many events which recognize our proud past and celebrate our promising future.
       Reaching 100 years as a Borough is a milestone that will be properly celebrated. Our rich history as West Paterson must never be forgotten. The legacies of great community leaders from our first Mayor, Anthony Ferrary, to long-time Mayor Alfred H. Baumann live on in our town’s memory and are being passed on today by all those who continue to contribute to our community as we move forward as Woodland Park.
       On May 17th, we will kick-off with our grand parade and picnic. During the summer months, we will have weekly concerts in Dowling Gardens. On September 20th, we will hold an historical trolley ride through the town. And, we will wrap up the year with our Centennial Gala on November 9th at the Westmount Country Club.
       With this in mind, I am making my final request for assistance with our Centennial Celebration. We continue to aggressively fundraise to offset the costs of these events. Fairway Market has agreed to be our Lead Sponsor, but additional financial help is needed. We are asking our local residents, business community and our corporate friends to join in our efforts to help fund this celebration.
       Please consider making a donation today. No amount is too small! You may also place an order for the Centennial Commemorative Book, or make your contribution by placing an ad.
       If you would prefer to simply make a donation, a check made payable to W.P. Centennial can be mailed to Centennial Donations, Borough of Woodland Park, 5 Brophy Lane, Woodland Park, NJ 07424-2752.
       Please know that your help will go a long way to making our 100th Anniversary – a once in a lifetime event – something to truly remember.

      STATE OF THE BOROUGH, Jan. 8, 2014 —
       Let me begin by thanking all the volunteers who have been sworn into office tonight and those who serve on all our municipal boards and committees. To all our volunteers from the Fire Department, to our FAS members, to our coaches at the Boys and Girls Club, to our HSA members and many other groups in town, you are the backbone of our community. And, I applaud your unselfish efforts to make Woodland Park better.
    Click to watch Mayor Keith Kazmark's State of the Boarough.
    Click to watch video
       As we begin 2014, our Borough begins a very special year.
       Whether we have been called West Paterson or Woodland Park, 2014 marks the 100th year since the incorporation of our town: a town we all can continue to be proud of. Our nick name, "a small town, with a big heart," still applies. And, it’s my goal, and the goal of this Council, to keep that spirit alive and well.
         Speaking of community spirit, we will be hosting a 3-hour parade down McBride Avenue on May 17th.  So, mark your calendars. The parade will be followed by a picnic celebration, and fireworks will end the night. This along with a historical trolley ride, a series of summer concerts and a Gala at the Westmount Country Club will make up the yearlong events marking our Centennial.
       This celebration has not come without a lot of hard work by the Centennial Committee and the members of the West Paterson Volunteer Fire Department. I'm proud of what we have put together and simply can't wait for the events to begin.
       I would like to welcome back Council Members Joe Spinelli, Gary Holloway and Rita Pascrell. Their commitment to this community is second to none and I am proud to have them on our team. Also, congratulations to Councilman Spinelli on being selected by his colleagues to serve as Council President during our Centennial Year.
       While 2014 will hold a lot of joy for our community, there is still much work to be done. Over the past month I have worked with the Council to set our priorities for the year ahead.
       We will begin the year working to finalize a proposal brought forward by the West Paterson First Aid Squad to allow them to become independent from the Borough while at the same time increasing ambulance response time and providing daytime coverage. The details of this plan will be presented at a Council meeting in the next month or two by Captain Dillon and the leadership of the West Paterson First Aid Squad. Their response is sometimes under life or death circumstances, and we all recognize the need for a more immediate response in an emergency.
       As we have discussed over the past few months, the Governing Body will examine the need for a re-assessment of property in town. The final decision will be made following the next round of tax appeals due on April 1st. By summer, we should have a handle on the exposure the Borough faces and will make a determination as to the need for a re-assessment. This is similar to the action taken by Little Falls and Totowa, three to four years after their revaluations. Again, I will state that this is NOT another revaluation; there are no inspections, unless requested by the property owner. Comparable sales are used to provide an accurate assessment. The re-assessment in the most simplistic terms is a town-wide tax appeal.
       The Borough will continue to oppose the Passaic Valley Water Commission’s plan to drain the New Street and Great Notch Reservoirs here in Woodland Park. While we may still end up in litigation with PVWC, we will also seek and discuss alternatives to their plan. Exploring the environmental impact, the possibility of working with the City of Newark to use the Ridge Road Reservoir in Cedar Grove to save the Great Notch Reservoir and working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will all be pursued in the next 30 days. Trust that we are not looking for a street fight here, but prudently seeking solutions to a mandate that will not scar our mountain top or affect our resident’s property values.
       I remain pleased that this Council and I were able to deliver a budget in 2013 which included no municipal tax increase. By month’s end, we should have the year-end numbers for 2013 which will provide an accurate picture of where we will be with the 2014 budget. I am pleased that in 2013 alone, the Borough was awarded $1.4 million in grant awards and $2.5 million in pending applications. This was done through the efforts of our grant writers at Millennium Strategies and our Administrator, Mr. Kevin Galland.
    One such grant award was for the new Centennial clock at Dowling Park, funded through the Passaic County Open Space Trust Fund. This clock will be dedicated in May and will recognize the Centennial of our town for years to come. To the critics of this project, I’ll say this. If we did not pursue this funding, one of the other 15 municipalities in Passaic County would have received it. I also stand by the addition of the clock as I believe it brings an element of class to our main roadway and will complement our streetscape efforts along McBride Avenue.
       On Monday evening, I directed Mr. Galland and our Board of Health Secretary Ms. Courtney Fitzpatrick to begin to explore a new possibility of a shared service for Health Department services. I’m hopeful that their solicitation of proposals will result in new opportunities with a possible cost savings to the taxpayer.
       With regard to our attempts to increase revenue the Council authorized a request for proposal for a potential billboard on Route 80 eastbound. We will be meeting with residents on January 20th to discuss their thoughts on this proposal and will weigh any community concerns with potential revenue we would see from this effort. The Council and I welcome resident’s opinions as we are looking for this to be an open and well-vetted discussion.
       Keeping with our commitment to improve our parks and fields, we are currently gathering quotes to complete our renovations to Memorial Field which will include a walk path around the facility, new clay on all three baseball and softball diamonds, new trash and recycling receptacles and a new illuminated flag pole.
       At the old School #1, we are planning to replace the remaining outdated fencing, replace the current backstop, provide new bleachers and also replace the field clay.
       I’m pleased to report that we are close to completion at Dowling Gardens. With the addition of the Centennial Clock, we will also be completing the lighting project so the park can accommodate evening events, such as our summer concert series. I’m also very happy that, through the efforts of Optimum, we have a Mobile WiFi HotSpot at Dowling, at no cost to the Borough. We will now be working to make that a reality in some of our other parks, as well.
       This Council will continue to be aggressive when it comes to flooding. This year we will complete the process in developing our Community Rating System which will reduce the flood insurance premiums our residents pay. Tonight, Councilwoman Kallert, a resident of the flood area here in town was appointed to the Regional Flood Board a position I know she will excel in. This year, we will also continue to ensure that the flashboards that were previously in place near the Great Falls in Paterson remain removed, as I believe their removal has significantly reduced the height of the Passaic River and reduced the possibility of future flood events. Quite frankly, it’s something that should have been done a long time ago.
       In the last few weeks we have also started to reach out to residents in the flood area who have expressed some desire to accept a buyout of their property through one of the federal or state programs available. We will pursue this in a smart and thoughtful manner so as not to scar our neighborhoods as we work to return some of these areas to open space.
       We will continue to keep up with our infrastructure. This year, we plan to begin the installation of sewers and water lines in the area of Oak Ridge Road and Elizabeth Lane. These areas are still reliant on septic systems and after meeting with the residents who do not have access to public sewers last year, this area has been targeted to begin these projects.
       Our road re-surfacing program this year will include, Overmount Avenue which is partially funded by a State DOT grant, Sunset (between Highview and Meriline), Ryle Park Avenue, Passaic Avenue and Rockaway Avenue. Should funds be available, we will also consider re-surfacing Andrews Drive behind the Kohl’s/Fairway Shopping Center. Mr. Galland is working with our Borough Engineer, Nordan Murphy, in discussing with Totowa the possibility of developing one bid spec and bidding the two town’s road projects together to cut costs.
       We are awaiting the spring announcement of DOT grant funding. We have applied for our McBride Avenue Streetscape project which will commence at Glover Avenue. We are hopeful that the State will award us these dollars to begin the process of beautifying our main thoroughfare in town. This initial funding will also open doors to other grant opportunities to move this project along.
       My office will continue to press our State Legislators regarding the need for sound barriers along Brophy Lane, Vernon Court and Greenway Lane. State Senator Kevin O’Toole is aware of our need and visited both sites last spring. This year I plan to again visit the sites with our Assembly Representatives and with our Congressman to have them see firsthand what our residents deal with and that this job needs to be completed once and for all.
       I have directed Mr. Galland and Mr. Galbraith to create a plan for improvements to the Recycling Center. The condition of the center, especially after Hurricane Irene has deteriorated, and the Council has funded the improvements through a bond ordinance introduced and adopted last year. We need to create a place where recycling is encouraged, which provides easy access to our residents and is simply user-friendly.
       Councilman Holloway will be working with our Planner, Katherine Gregory, to complete our Master Plan Ordinances which will help us better plan for the future. These new ordinances address our downtown, parking issues in our neighborhoods, future development and the proper zoning and uses for different areas of town.
    I’m happy to report that we will be introducing the oversized truck, parking ordinance. As I said in December, these oversized trucks being parked, especially in the Westmount Apartments have been the single biggest complaint I’ve received over the past 8 months. And, I’ve received a significant number of e-mails about this issue generated from the recent Today Paper article.
       I’ve asked our IT coordinator to solicit proposals for the re-design of our municipal website. I’m proud that Woodland Park was the first of the towns in the area to create an information-packed and frequently-updated municipal website over 12 years ago. Our website is now in need of an upgrade. Technology now permits website interaction with Facebook, Twitter and emergency alerts. It is time we took the step to make an upgrade while still allowing our internal staff here at the municipal building the ability to update the site instantaneously when it comes to content. I’m projecting a July 1st launch, once we have reviewed the proposals submitted and made the best decision about our future site.
       As you can see, there is a lot to do. The Council committees will also be working to address the needs of the Departments they work with. The local Boards will be conducting their important work, as well. From the Library Board developing a long-term plan, to the Board of Health sharing services to the Planning and Zoning Boards considering future development, 2014 will be a year to roll up our sleeves and make the absolute best decisions for Woodland Park.
       It has been an awesome personal and professional honor to sit here in this seat and serve as your Mayor for the past two years. I truly love this job and each day try to be the absolute best Mayor I can be. However, it is only with your help that we can be successful.
       I wish each of you a Happy New Year. Happy 100th Anniversary West Paterson/Woodland Park.
       And, I look forward to a productive and prosperous year for our borough. God bless you and thank you.
       Please know that controlling property taxes is the main focus and priority of this Mayor and Council.
       As such, we are pleased to present a budget this year which has NO MUNICIPAL TAX INCREASE. As a result of proper planning, an increase in construction permit revenue, the awarding of significant grant funding and a reduction in the overall salary and wages, we have developed a budget for the town with no additional impact to our taxpayers.
       As you are well aware, property taxes are an issue throughout New Jersey.  We are one of the few municipalities in the state which has been able to deliver a flat tax levy without gimmicks or one-year fixes.
       Please know that the Mayor and Council are only responsible for 25% of the total taxes collected.  We have no control over the school, county or library budgets which make up the remaining 75% of your tax bill.

    Grant Funding & Shared Services:
       I would like to thank the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders for again awarding the Borough grant funds in the amount of $150,000 for the spray park, located at Frank Zaccaria Park, which was recently opened.
       In 2012, the Borough was awarded over $450,000 in grant funds, and we currently have over $2.5 million in pending applications. These funds allow us to complete projects in town without using the general operating budget and have contributed to Governing Body being able to deliver no municipal tax increase this year.
       I wish you an enjoyable summer and, as always if you have any questions or if my office can be of any help to you or your family, please do not hesitate to contact me.
       You may have read several newspaper articles over the past year regarding the Passaic Valley Water Commission’s (PVWC) plan to drain three reservoirs: two in the Borough of Woodland Park and one in the City of Paterson.
       When this issue first emerged, the Woodland Park Borough Council adopted Resolution R12-197 on June 20, 2012 opposing such a project based both on the increased cost to ratepayers across the PVWC service area and on the tremendous aesthetic impact it would have on our town.
       Thankfully, the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders and a significant number of other municipalities have also adopted resolutions supporting our position.
       The cost of this expensive endeavor will be passed on to the ratepayers in each of the municipalities serviced directly or indirectly by the PVWC.   At a time when taxpayers are struggling and unemployment rates are high in our state, this is not only an ill-conceived, but poorly-timed, project. It should be postponed until the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews the rules and regulations regarding this matter. Those regulations are scheduled to be re-administered in 2016.
       Locally, we are concerned that the scenic area along Rifle Camp Road, which provides a rural feel when traveling our Borough, would be destroyed and replaced with concrete water storage tanks at both the New Street and Great Notch Reservoirs. Homeowners along Rifle Camp Road enjoy large lot sizes and structures, set back homes and, in some cases, water front property with beautiful landscapes right across the street. My administration, along with the Council, has serious concerns about reduced property values and the potential loss on investment for these residents, if such a plan becomes a reality.
       On behalf of the Council, I am respectfully asking each of you, as residents in the PVWC service area, to write a letter or send an e-mail to both the PVWC and our State and Federal elected officials opposing this costly and premature project.

    Contact information for those officials is listed below:
    Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
    11th Congressional District

    30 Schuyler Place, 2nd Floor
    Morristown, NJ  07960
    Phone:  973-984-0711
    Fax:  973-292-1569

    Senator Kevin J. O’Toole
    40th Legislative District

    155 Rt. 46 West
    Wayne, NJ  07470
    Phone:  973-237-1360
    Fax:  973-237-1364

    Assemblyman David Russo
    40th Legislative District

    22 Paterson Ave.
    Midland Park, NJ  07432
    Phone:  201-444-9719
    Congressman William J. Pascrell, Jr.
    9th Congressional District

    200 Federal Plaza, Suite 500
    Paterson, NJ  07505
    Phone:  973-523-5152
    Fax:  973-523-0637

    Assemblyman Scott T. Rumana
    40th Legislative District

    155 Rt. 46 West
    Wayne, NJ  07470
    Phone:  973-237-1362
    Fax:  973-237-1367

    Joseph A. Bella, Executive Dir.
    Passaic Valley Water Commission

    1525 Main Avenue
    Clifton, NJ  07011
    Phone:  973-340-4300
         Your efforts will complement the resolutions adopted by our neighboring towns and the support we have received from both The Record and Herald News Editorial Boards.
       Your support in fighting this plan is appreciated.  Should you need additional information please contact my office, and we will assist you in any way possible.
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