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  This section is not an official depository or library for adopted annual budgets  
       The Borough of Woodland Park’s municipal annual financial statements and audits listed below are provided for the convenience of the general public. Note that the financial information below does not pertain to the local school district, the regional high school, or the County of Passaic.
     The annual financial statement connot be compiled until the calendar year has ended. So, each year’s statement will not be posted on this website until at least January of the following year.
     The autitors must wait until a calendar year is completed to do a review of the Borough’s activity for that year. They have six months in which to conduct the review, after which the Treasurer is furnished with a report for the previous year. The report must then be approved by the Chief Financial Officer. In other words, if it is the Spring or Summer of this year and you wish to review the auditor’s report concerning last year, you may need to wait until September before the report can be posted here.
     Financial Statements prior to 2010, Auditor Reports prior to 2009 and Annual Debt Statements prior to 2013 are not listed on this website. For review of any additional financial information, visit the Municipal Clerk’s Office on the second floor of the Municipal Building at 5 Brophy Lane.
     If you have a question or comment about a financial document, please contact a member of the Governing Body or stop by the Municipal Clerk’s Office or phone 973-345-8100, ext. 100.
“PDF” files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To view and print Ordinances in .pdf format, download the latest version.
’09 Not Available online ’09 Not Available online 2009 (Approved in 2010)
2010 Calendar Year ’10 Not Available online 2010 (Approved in 2011)
2011 Calendar Year ’11 Not Available online 2011 (Approved in 2012)
2012 Calendar Year ’12 Not Available online 2012 (Approved in 2013)
2013 Calendar Year 2013 as of 12/31/13 2013 (Approved in 2014)
2014 Calendar Year 2014 as of 12/31/14 2014 (Approved in 2015)
2015 Calendar Year 2015 as of 12/31/15 2015 (Approved in 2016)
2016 (available Jan. 2017) 2016 as of 12/31/16 2016 (Approved in 2017)
2017 (available Jan. 2018) 2017 (available Jan. 2018) 2017 (avail. Sept./Oct. 2018)
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