Borough of Woodland Park
     The Municipal Building, located at 5 Brophy Lane, is open Monday through Friday from
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (except July and August).
   Offices for the Mayor, Administrator, Municipal Clerk, Code Enforcement and Inspectors, Tax/Water Collection, Tax Assessor, Health Registrar, Borough Nurse, and Recreation Office are found here. The Council Chambers and Municipal Court are situated on the first floor. The Aldo P. Napoli Community Room on the second floor is available for use by any community organization. The Police Department is located here, as well.
   The Alfred H. Baumann Free Public Library is situated on the other side of the parking lot at 7 Brophy Lane.
   The Department of Public Works is housed in a separate facility at 1 Browertown Road.
  The descriptions below are offered for general information and
are not intended to provide an official document of municipal services.
  Administrator / Municipal Clerk
   The current Borough Administrator, appointed in April, 2006, also serves as the Municipal Clerk. The offices of the Administrator / Municipal Clerk are located on the second floor of the Municipal Building. During Council meetings, the chair to the Mayor's right is occupied by the Administrator / Municipal Clerk.
Telephone: 973-345-8100 ext. 100
Administrator/Municipal Clerk: Kevin V. Galland
Deputy Municipal Clerk: Mari Margiotta

Among other duties, the Administrator:
• serves as the administrative officer of the municipal government, supervising administrative matters and maintaining sound personnel policies, administrative practices and purchasing.
• acts as liaison between the Council and the departments, boards and officials of the Borough.
• allocates office personnel as needed for the operation of departments.
• integrates and coordinates the functions of all departments.
• oversees the expenditure of each department according to budgeted appropriations.
• assists the Mayor in the preparation of the annual budget.
• reviews all disbursements, processes all bills and vouchers for payment.
• prepares agenda for Council meetings.
• advises municipal officials on matters affecting the public interest.
• deals with residents’ complaints and requests for information, and keeps the Mayor and Council informed of such matters.
• generates releases of information to the public and the press.

Among other things, the Municipal Clerk:
• serves as the Clerk of the Council and attends all meetings of the Council and keeps the minutes of the meetings.
• records all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council.
• compiles, codifies, and binds all ordinances at the end of each year, and indexes record books.
• has custody of and keeps safe all records, books and documents of the municipality.
• affixes the corporate seal of the Borough.
• keeps all official surety bonds and all formal contracts for work, labor, services, supplies, equipment and materials.
• keeps all performance bonds or any other forms of security given by contractors or subdivision developers.
• keeps all property leases by the Borough.
• serves as Registrar of dog licenses.
• serves as Chief Registrar of voters in the municipality.
• responsible for the local archives and records retention programs.
• furnishes documents requested under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Hours of Operation of the Municipal Clerk’s Office:
   Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
   Monday evenings, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. except the months of July and August
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  Department of Finance
Telephone: 973-345-8100 ext. 101
Chief Financial Officer: Fred Tomkins
Treasurer: Heather Barkenbush

   The Dept. of Finance, supervised by the Administrator, is made up of the offices of the Division of Treasury, the Division of Tax Collection, and the Division of Tax Assessment.
   The head of the Div. of Treasury is the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO is appointed by the governing body. The responsibilities of the CFO are to keep and maintain all financial books and records, and to oversee all expenditures. The CFO, along with the Mayor, must sign all checks.
   The Chief Financial Officer is also the head of the Div. of Tax Collection, or the office of the Tax Collector. The Div. of Tax Assessment is run by the Tax Assessor.
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  Department of Public Works
Location: 1 Browertown Road
Recycling Center Telephone:
Superintendent of Public Works:
George Galbraith

   The DPW is responsible for the maintenance of all municipal roads, including the snow removal, traffic signs and traffic signals. In addition, the DPW maintains all municipal facilities and
  vehicles, the storm water drainage system, and the firebox alarm system. Garbage removal and the recycling center are also managed by the DPW.
   Since Woodland Park operates its own water company, the DPW is charged with maintaining the water system in the sections of the borough served by the municipally-owned water company.
   The Department of Water Pollution Control, headed by the Superintendent of the DPW, is responsible for the sanitary sewer system. So, it also falls upon the DPW to maintain the
George Galbraith accepting  "Superintendent Award" George Galbraith (rt)
accepts “Public Works
Superintendent of the
Year” award from the
N.J. Chapter of the
American Public Works
Association. The cere-
mony was held on
Nov. 21, 2003 at the
League of Municipalities
Convention. Galbraith
has worked for the
Borough since 1973.
Borough’s sanitary sewers. Sewage treatment is no longer done at a DPW facility. Instead, Woodland Park’s sewage is carried to the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission’s treatment plant in Newark by the same main that serves Little Falls and Totowa.
   For the 2012 recycling, solid waste, leaf pickup schedules, click here >>>
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Department of Inspections
Telephone: 973-345-8100 ext. 103
Fax: 973-345-3729
Construction Official and Building Subcode Official: Allan Burghardi
Code Enforcement Officer: Allan Burghardt
Building Inspector: Brian Mutch

Plumbing Subcode Official: Anthony D’Ascoli
Electrical Subcode Official: Sal Turdo
Fire Subcode Official: Joseph Macones

    The Construction Official enforces the provisions of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code and has the power to:
• investigate the dwelling conditions in the borough in order to determine which dwellings are unfit for human habitation.
• administer oaths, affirmations, examine witnesses and receive evidence.
• enter premises for examination provided that entries cause the least inconvenience.
• delegate functions and powers to designated officers and agents.
   Although the Municipal Administrator is designated as the Enforcement Officer for the Borough, the Construction Code Official is charged, by ordinance, with administering and enforcing the property maintenance ordinances. Therefore, the Construction Official, or Code Enforcement Officer, is authorized to enter and make inspections of all buildings, structures, common walkways, halls, garages, landscaped areas and lawns to check for compliance with all state statutes or approvals received from any board or authority of the Borough. Generally, the Code Enforcement Officer checks for any defects that are dangerous, harmful or detrimental to life, safety or the health of a dwelling’s occupants or to the public.
   The Fire Prevention Official enforces the requirements of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Act ant the Uniform Fire Code. The Fire Official is also, by ordinance, part of the Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Prevention offices are located on the lower level of the Municipal Building.

Hours of Operation of the Dept. of Inspections Office:
   Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
   Monday evenings, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. except the months of July and August

Permits Issued: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. only

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  Tax Office
Telephone: 973-345-8100 ext. 101
Tax/Water Collector: Bernadette Lawler

   Part of the Department of Finance, the Div. of Tax Collection is run by the Tax Collector, the office of which is served by the Chief Financial Officer. Originally, the Tax Collector was an elected official. With the introduction of a Chief Financial Officer, the CFO position became an appointment made by the governing body.
    The Tax Collector receives, collects and maintains the books all payments raised by taxation on assessments of all properties in the Borough. The Collector also must periodically furnish a report of all delinquent taxpayers.
  • Tax Deductions •  
  Those Eligible: senior citizen, disabled person, veteran, or surviving spouse
Amount of Deduction: $250 per location or per person, depending on type of eligibility
Eligibility Dates: Eligibility for the property tax deduction is established prior to the calendar tax year for which the deduction is claimed, as follows:
   • New Jersey citizenship as of October 1, pretax year
   • Property ownership as of October 1, pretax year
   • Residence in New Jersey and in dwelling house as of October 1, pretax year
   • Residence in New Jersey for 1 year immediately prior to October 1, pretax year
        Plus, one of the following:
   • Senior Citizen, age 65 or older as of December 31, pretax year, with annual income that    will not exceed $10,000 (excluding Social Security or government pension) for the tax    year the deduction is claimed
   • Permanent and total disability as of December 31, pretax year
   • Veteran and any other member of the family, listed on the deed, who is a veteran
   • Surviving spouse, age 55 or older as of December 31, pretax year and at time of    spouse’s death
Filing Period: An application must be filed October 1 through December 31 of the pretax year.
Appeals: A claimant may appeal any unfavorable determination by the Tax Assessor or Tax Collector to the Passaic County Board of Taxation annually on or before April 1.
Where to Obtain an Application: Tax and Water Collector’s office on the second floor of the Municipal Building, 5 Brophy Lane.
For More Information: Call 973-345-8100 ext. 101.
  • N.J. State Tax Re-imbursement •  
  Eligibility: If you’re a senior citizen (65 or older) or disabled, and you’ve owned and lived in the New Jersey for 10 straight years and owned your home since before Jan. 1, 2005.
Annual Income Limits (regardless of marital status):
   • For 2007, $60,000;
   • For 2008, $70,000, which will increase to $80,000 for 2009.
To Apply for the First Time: You must complete 2008 Form PTR-1. You can pick up a PTR-1 at the Tax Collector’s office in the Municipal Building, if you did not get the form in the mail.
If you filed 2007 PTR-1 last year: The State should mail you a 2008 Form PTR-2 this year. If you do not get PTR-2, call 800-882-6597. If you received both PTR-1 and PTR-2, ignore Form PTR-1.
Filing Deadline: June 1
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  Tax Assessor
Telephone: 973-345-8100 ext. 212
Tax Assessor: Tim Henderson

   One part of the Dept. of Finance is the Div. of Tax Assessment, the head of which is the Tax Assessor. At one time, the Tax Assessor was an elected official, but Assessor is now appointed by the governing body.
   The Assessor performs the following duties:
• maintains assessment records of each parcel of property, whether assessable or exempt.
• maintain a current tax map of the Borough.
• record all changes in ownership or character of the assessed property.

Hours of Operation:
   Monday evenings, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., except the months of July and August
   Tuesday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
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  Water Department
Water Collector: Bernadette Lawler
Water Bill Payments and Inquiries:
Municipal Building, 5 Brophy Lane
973-345-8100 ext. 101
Water Operator:
George Galbraith
: James DeBlock
Water Company Operations:
DPW Facility, 1 Browertown Road
   Phone: 973-256-1230

    The Borough of Woodland Park operates its own water utility
  serving most of the homes and businesses in the municipality. Two other water companies, N.J. American Water Co. and the Passaic Valley Water Commission, serve portions of the borough.
   The Department of Water is under the supervision and direction of the operator of the water distribution system. The Dept. of Public Works maintains the Borough-owned water mains and pumps and reads the water meters.
   By ordinance, the Tax Collector is the Collector of Water Consumer Accounts, who is responsible for the collection of water usage payments.
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  Public Assistance
   The Borough of Woodland Park does not administer a public assistance program directly to residents. Those seeking help maintaining a reasonable standard of living, can contact the Passaic County Board of Social Services.
   Director: Mark H. Schiffer
   Location: Martin Luther King Building, 80 Hamilton St, Paterson
   Phone: 973-881-8546
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